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Hi, I’m Lilli Horbach, a passionate trail runner, yoga teacher, and the founder of Swiss Trail Camps. With Swiss Trail Camps, I combine my passions: trail running and yoga. I’ve been passionate about sports since childhood, starting with athletics and later discovering my love for long-distance trail running. My background in hospitality and digital consulting has allowed me to turn my passion for sports into a career.

As a certified trail running coach by Swiss Athletics, fitness-, functional coach and Vinyasa yoga teacher, I love sharing my knowledge of movement, prevention, and mindset. I believe that taking care of our bodies through conscious movement and nutrition is essential for injury prevention and overall health. 

Swiss Trail Camps Team

The Swiss Trail Camps team consists of a diverse group of athletes and experts who come together to organize and conduct a unique camp and retreat.
Our team members include yoga instructors, certified trail running coaches, functional and fitness trainers, as well as medical professionals specializing in lifestyle medicine and nutrition.

Together, we offer a holistic experience that caters to both the body and mind.

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Lilli Horbach is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher with an enthusiasm for Inside Flow. She practices yoga and meditation daily and uses her journal to practice gratitude and mindfulness. Currently she is in training to become an Inside Flow Yoga teacher and Yin Yoga teacher. Additionally, she is a certified trail running trainer, functional and fitness coach.


Denis Pfeiffer is a certified lifestyle medicine physician who combines professional expertise in areas such as nutrition and sports medicine. As President of the Physicians Association for Nutrition Switzerland, he advocates for a greater emphasis on healthy eating in society. His athletic passion lies primarily in calisthenics and functional strength training.

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Amelie Lefeber is an experienced and passionate ultra trail runner and certified running coach by Swiss Athletics. Aditionally, she does triathlon to compliment the running, and is a certified fitness coach.


Andrea Hofmann is a passionated ultra trail runner and she is also a certified trail running coach by Swiss Athletics. In addition, she is an experienced yoga teacher, which she considers very valuable in supporting running.


As a Transalpine Run finisher and certified trail coach of Swiss Athletics, Björn Gelhorn is at home in this sport with heart and soul. As a Stress Mentor and Sport Lead for the DACH region, he also brings his passion and experience to his job as a management consultant.

Book Your Running Coach and Trail Running Coach

Lilli offers private trainings and group trainings for every running level. Training locations are Zurich, Affoltern am Albis, Zug and Lucerne. Other destinations are available on request.

Running is a very good preventive measure in the workplace. Lilli also has experience in establishing sports programs in companies.

You want to start running or improve your running technique? You are training for a marathon or trail run in the Alps? Or you are looking for a coach for your employees and need support?

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"I'm always happy to show like-minded people my training grounds"

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