Three days of adventure

Beginner Trail and Yoga Running Camp in Switzerland

Trail Running Camp Switzerland

Swiss Alps

Weekend Trail Running Camp


Three days guided Trail Running & Workshops

Trail Running Camp Nutrition

Nutrition + Workshop

Halfboard (Vegan options) and Nutrition Talk with Expert


Calming Yoga Session for Regeneration

How to Trail Run

Trail Running and Yoga Camp for Beginners

You just recently started with trail running or you want to become a trail runner?

You have experience in road running but trail running is new to you?

This weekend is perfect for you if you want to learn how to trail run.

In this Beginner Trail Running Camp we will focus on tips and tricks in trail running technique and training or race preparation. We will give you necessary information regarding equipment and safety measures

Let’s explore the Swiss Alps. Workshops and Three days of guided trail running sessions are planned. 

Running level requirement: You should be able to run one hour flat on the road.

Beginner Trail Running Camp

Two nights at the Hotel (tbd)
Three days of guided trail runs (certified Trail Running Coaches by Swiss Athletics)
Trail Running Techniques (up/downhill)
How to Trail Run Sessions
Wellness at the spa

Dinner (vegan & vegetarian)
Snacks (fruits, gels, energy bars)
Yoga session

Beginner Trail Running Camp Program

We reserve the right to modify or postpone the program due to the actual conditions. Minimum of 8 participants.


10.00h Meet at the Hotel 
10.15h Welcome
10.30h – 12.30h Trail Running Workshop
(topics: warm-up, equipment, strenght, up- & downhill technique) 
12.30h – 14.00 Lunch (not included)
14.00h – 16.00h Run & Hike + Workshop (trail running with poles)
16.00h – 17.00h Check-in & Free Time
17.00h – 18.00h Calming Yoga Flow
18.00h Dinner
20.00h Get-togehter & Nutrition Talk


08.00h Breakfast
9.15h Meeting
9.30h – 11.30h Trail Running Workshop (topics: warm-up, safety meassures, up- & downhill technique)
11.30h – 12.30h Break at mountain hut (not included)
12.30h – 15.00h Run & Hike + Workshop (how to plan and navigate)
15.00h Goodbye

Trail Running Workshops

The trail running workshops will bring you confidence on the trails.
Within three days you will learn the essential trail running skills.

We will share our knowledge and improve your running technique. To avoid future injuries we will work on your stability, mobility and strenght.

Together with experts in trail running and nutrition you will dive deep to become a strong trail runner. 


Morning Workshop
Outdoor session on the trails. Teaching, learning and testing:
  • What muscles need a warmed up routine to avoid injuries?
  • What equipement is necessary on trails and how to use it?
  • How to run up- and down hill?
Afternoon Workshop
We will do a guided trail run & hike session on the trails with trail running poles:
  • When to run or hike on trails?
  • How to run with running poles?
Calming Yoga Flow

In this afternoon yoga session we will focus on recovery. You will learn:

  • How to stretch your body after a trail run?
  • How to minimize recovery time?


Evening Nutrition Talk
 We will organize a Nutrition Talk Night with a Nutrition Expert and Physician:
  • What to eat before a run?
  • How to use gels and energy bars during a trail run
  • What to eat for recovery?
Morning Workshop
Outdoor session on the trails. Teaching, learning and testing:
  • How to strenghened your muscles?
  • What safety meassures are needed on trails?
  • How to run up- and downhill?
Afternoon Workshop
 We will do a guided trail run & hike session on the trails with or without trail running poles:
  • How to plan a trail running route?
  • How to navigate on trails?
Trail Running

Beginner Trail Running Camp Packages

All packages include accommodation, half board, trail running coaching, guided trail runs, yoga, nutrition talk, spa, snacks.

Meet your

Trail Running Coach

Lilli Horbach is an experienced and certified trail running coach by Swiss Athletics.
For several years she has been training the adidas Runners community, adidas employees and fifa staff.

Beginner Trail Running and Yoga Camp Switzerland FAQs

We will ask you about your trail running experience beforehand.
The Trail Running Weekend is for both complete starter and beginners. You should be able to run one hour flat.
You can also write us an email and we will check if you match the requirements:

Each guest has to make a separate booking, but you can make a request and add the name of your friend, who you want to share the room with, to the info box at the checkout.

Yes. If you book a shared room as a single person, we will randomly assign another participant to your room.

If you want to stay in a single-room, please contact

Yes, we will provide LEKI Trail Running Poles

If you know in advance that you will be arriving late, please send an email to

Mandatory Equipment

– Trail Running Shoes
– Trail Running Vest, Belt or backpack
– Rescue Blanket
– water min. 500ml
– Phone
– Sun protection
– whistle (mostly attached to running vest)
– Sun glasses
– running food: gels, bars, etc.
– Rain Jacket / windbreaker
– first aid kit
– rain pants
– Isolated shirt and pants
– headband

Yes, we can assist you with your mendatory equipment. Please send us an email to

Yes, if you want to enjoy your free time, you can just skip the yoga class.

The yoga session is open for any level. We will put the focus on deep stretches to assist with regeneration.

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